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Roundtables: Basketball Recruits and Expectations?

Vastly different team next season?

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported that 2019 5-Star Center Charles Bassey and 2018 5-Star Power Forward Jordan Brown will be visiting Cal over the next few weeks. Would your outlook of Cal basketball’s trajectory for next year and beyond change if Cal were to sign these guys? How would your expectations change?

*Question was asked before this past weekend where Bassey was reported to be visiting. Jordan Brown now reported to be visiting this upcoming weekend.

boomtho: They woul change hugely - through no fault of his own, Wyking followed Cuonzo, who pulled some of the mostly highly regarded recruits in Cal MBB history. If Wyking shows an ability to meet, or exceed that - it makes a seriously compelling argument that he will grow incredibly well into the job, and be a success for many years to come. Next year, it would, for better or worse, shift into a “tournament or bust” mindset - since it’s likely that those guys will be one and dones. Pairing either or both of those two, plus the freshmen that are making great strides this year, would mean next year had the potential to be special.

thedozen: Of course! I’m not predicting that the Bears are cutting down the nets in a season or two, but either of those guys could be difference makers. That would be especially true if Cal commits such as Jacobi Gordon and Matt Bradley are staying put. I’m not asking for dominance, but anyone following the program this year is hungry for a competitive roster.

Ruey Yen: Cal men’s basketball already has a top 25 class without Jordan Brown. That alone has already raised my expectation for next year to be one that is competitive in Pac-12 play, at the minimum. If Cal is able to land a Brown or Bassey the next year, it would opens another brief (since these guys could be one or two and done players) window for the Golden Bears to find that elusive trip to the 2nd weekend of the NCAA tournament. While Wyking Jones and his staff have had a mixed result in teaching/coaching this year, being able to recruit top talent in the country can more than cover for some of the coaching shortcomings (which could also be fixed with a veteran assistant coach).

Nick Kranz: If we put together a best case scenario for the 2018-19 rotation, it would look something like this:

Four returning rotation members: Wing Justice Sueing, guard Darius McNeill, wing Juhwan Harris-Dyson, guard Don Coleman

Transfer eligible point guard: Paris Austin

Signed Incoming recruits: 4 star wing Matt Bradley, 4 star wing Jacobi Gordon, 3 star forward Andre Kelly

Hoping for a commitment from: Jordan Brown

That’s nine potential players without discussing the possibility of somebody on the roster who hasn’t broken into the rotation making a 2nd year leap. That’s a talent level that should be competitive in the Pac-12.

Granted, it’s a vision that requires a leap of faith. Cal would actually have to sign Jordan Brown. Cal would have to avoid any attrition off of the current roster. Last spring was a lesson in how quickly things can change in one college basketball off-season. But if Cal did sign an elite interior player to go along with having an eligible true point guard and a whole bunch of athletic wings . . . well, that’s a core of players that, given the right guidance, has the potential to do something. Signing Brown would give Cal probably a borderline top 10 class, and top 10 classes come with significant expectations . . . like, at least make the tournament expectations.