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Golden Nuggets: Contract Details For Assistant Coaches Revealed

More reasons to get excited for baseball season, which starts this week!

NCAA FOOTBALL: AUG 26 Sydney College Football Cup - Cal v Hawaii Photo by Steven Markham/ Icon Sportswire


Not a whole lot today... so lets inspect the contract details for Burl Toler and Peter Sirmon, our newest assistant coaches.

For the second day in a row CGB is giving credit to our alumnus Trace Travers for his work in bringing this to Bears fans’ attention. I’ll leave most of the info to his articles but here’s the most important details.

It’s a contract that runs from January 8th, the official date of his hiring, to June 30th of 2019.

- The annual base salary for that period is $165,000

- There is a hiring bonus of $25,000. If Toler leaves by his own accord before January 31st of 2019, he must pay that bonus back to the school.

- The annual base salary for Sirmon is $250,000

- Sirmon has a talent fee, one for going onto broadcasts, pregame and postgame shows affiliated with the team, booster gatherings and other functions, that amount totaling $135,000 annually.

- Sirmon is set to receive a hiring bonus of $125,000 within the first 30 days of his contract being executed

- Sirmon also has multiple retention bonuses, as long as he stays employed as an assistant coach through the first spring football practice, he will receive a bonus of $80,000. If he’s employed through the first fall practice, he’ll receive $80,000. If he’s employed through the end of the 2018 season, he’ll receive $80,000. Finally, if he’s employed through to the end of this contract, he’ll receive $90,000.

  • Jon Wilner posts his top recruiting target for all Pac-12 teams for 2019. For Cal, as they didn’t sign a QB this year, his top target is four-star Hank Bachmeier from Murrieta, who the Bears have been targeting as he fits Beau Baldwin’s offense.


Baseball starts this week! Here are three more reasons to be excited...

  • In the Pac-12 preseason poll the Bears were projected to finish 5th in the conference. The link above has an extensive preview of baseball season as well.
  • Baseball America projects Cal in their field of 64 in May.
  • Closer Erik Martinez is back! And he was so good last year, the National College Baseball Writers Association put him on the watchlist for the Stopper of the Year Award, given to the best reliever in college baseball. He was on the watchlist the previous two seasons as well.


  • Learn how Jaylen Brown uses meditation to get through this NBA season. (h/t to dmoneyfor3 in the DBD)

Go Bears!