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Roundtables: Early Expectations for 2019

It’s never too early.

NCAA Football: Stanford at California D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

What are your expectations for next season?

thedozen: The exact same defense with much better offensive production! Seriously though, we all know rosters change but the commitment to hard work and ability to play with discipline need to carry over.

Ruey Yen: I want to believe that the Cal offense can get better via some combination of new coaches and Garbers/McIlwain/Bowers taking a huge step forward, but the Cal schedule is also somewhat harder. I think another 7 win season and a mediocre bowl berth is plausible, but I might judge the success of the season mostly on whether the Bears can prevent the Big Game losing streak from reaching double digit.

ragnarok: For Year 3 under Wilcox, I think we need to see progress with the offense without taking a major step back on defense. It would be nice to have a sense, earlier in the year, whether we’re the sort of offense that can afford to take chances, or whether we need to play smart, not turn the ball over, and take advantage when our defense gives us a short field. Developing some kind of deep threat on offense will go a long way towards opening up the field and the playbook.

Piotr T Le: Not sure yet, it is too early to call before we know who is leaving and staying and who is going to sign their LOI. I’ll hold-off on making a decision till february once the tea leaves settle.

MT: If Cal can figure out the QB situation (Is Chase the guy? Does B-Mac’s decision making improve?) and some playmakers emerge, I fully believe Cal can contend for the North next year.

Joshua Morgan: I literally have no clue. Is the defense going to regress? Can the offense get better? Those are the two questions that will determine our success next season. I expect a similar season, however.

Rob Hwang: Hope Springs Eternal. 15-0.