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Evan Weaver and Camryn Bynum Announce They Will Stay With Cal Next Season

Cameron Goode’s mother looks forward to his 2019 return.

Washington v California Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

We all know that Jordan Kunaszyk and Alex Funches are among the Cal seniors departing the dominant defense; but with Evan Weaver and Camryn Bynum being as good as they were, it was not hard to believe they’d be leaving as well. Shortly after the Cheez-It Bowl loss, Evan Weaver took to Twitter to give us some unexpected good news!

Camryn Bynum told reporters post-game that he intends to stay as well, but he hasn’t made an official announcement on Twitter yet.

Cameron Goode’s mother also tweeted that she looks forward to seeing him in 2019. Although he will be a junior, its not uncommon for players with injury misfortunes to seek new scenery. This is a nice re-assurance from a close family member.

There are several stellar juniors who could consider leaving and we will update you as to whatever happens. (Or if any of the above changes their minds.)

Go Bears!