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Golden Nuggets: Cheez-It Bowl Reaction

Video highlights form the Cal WBB event from last week.

NCAA Football: Cheez-It Bowl-Texas Christian vs California Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Wanted to wait for more stuff to come out, but there’s always Sunday if more things turn up. Let me know in the comments!


  • Trace Travers shares his thoughts on the game. There’s a lot of good stuff besides the excerpt!

- Regarding the offense, a whole lot of people are saying a whole lot of things about the group, sentiments that have been echoed throughout the season. What Justin Wilcox said in the aftermath of the game on that note was this:

”We do an in-depth analysis on ourselves at every level, every position, everything we’re doing, the way we’re coaching, teaching, the schematics that we’re using, the communication lines, all those things. What do we need to do to improve at every single level of our program?

”And that’s my job to help facilitate that. And so I know we have some great people on our program. We have to improve. There’s areas that we obviously have to get better. And so that will be--I mean, starting tonight. And there will be a deep dive, and we’ll discuss it as a group in January for many, many hours.”

Whether that comes for staff changes is unclear. Beau Baldwin has been hyped to work with some new players, as Devon Modster and Kekoa Crawford could add different dimensions to the Cal offense, along with a readymade RB starter in Deshawn Collins.

  • The Daily Cal’s Josh Yuen analyzes the game as well.
  • The defense still did its job last night in the loss.
  • Post-game notes from Cal Athletics. With the loss the Bears have snake eyes for their bowl record - 11-11-1
  • Published before the game - five seniors not only played their last game together as Cal Bears, but it also ended a long relationship as teammates at both Mater Dei and Berkeley.
  • Published before the game - an in-depth look at the change in culture that has completely changed the Cal defense over the past two years.

Women’s Basketball

  • An in-depth summary with video highlights from the Kerr/Auriemma talk last Friday is up.

Beat the Redhawks!