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Halftime and Third Quarter Live Chat: Cal leads 7-0 in the Interception Bowl

Picks galore!

Cheez-It Bowl - California v TCU Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Man oh man what a turn this game took in the second quarter. There have been a combined SIX interceptions in this football game and we have just reached the conclusion of the first half. Garbers looks incredibly shaky, not making his reads and throwing consistently into double coverage.

Defensively Cal is playing outstanding. Jordan Kunaszyk caught an interception of his own while Jaylinn Hawkins nearly returned an interception to the house. Late in the half, Evan Rambo tracked down Muehlstein to stop the Horned Frogs on fourth down in Cal territory.

Stay tuned for the third quarter, it is nearly guaranteed to not be pretty. Go Bears!