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Insta Recap MBB: Cal beats SJSU 88-80

NCAA Basketball: Legends Classic Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

San Jose State started the game off slow, but ended up leading at the half despite taking 10 less shots than Cal. Defensively, the Bears executed their game plan extremely well. However, they struggled to find rhythm on offense. The Bears failed to find balance and spacing, and beyond that they just weren’t making many shots on the perimeter, going 5 for 18 in three point field goals. Andre Kelly led the Bears in scoring with 12 points.

In the second half, the Bears jumped out to a 12 point lead early, but their poor shooting and spacing did not go away. With under a minute left in the contest, the Spartans got within 4, led by great shooting from Noah Baumann, making 4 of 5 thee pointers in the second half. Defensively, Cal became ungrounded, but was able to hold onto their lead and win the game due to the offensive performances of Darius McNiell (22 points) and Andre Kelly (21 points).