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Saturday Bowl Games Open Thread

Celebration, Cure, New Mexico, Vegas, Camellia, and N’awlins Bowls

The Cure In Concert At The Palms
You know your band is successful when it has a bowl named after it.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Are you interested in doing some way-too-early scouting of our 2019 opponents (hi, christopher_h!)? You’re in luck, as North Texas and Arizona State play in their respective bowls today. Otherwise, this is not a particularly compelling slate of bowls. Nevertheless, we shall discuss them. Because football.

Saturday’s bowl schedule (the Celebration Bowl begins at 12pm EST, but SBNation doesn’t have that one listed above).

How does Mitsubishi have enough money to be the title sponsor of the Vegas Bowl? When was the last time anyone saw a Mitsubishi dealership?