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Golden Nuggets: The QB Controversy Continues

More pics from MBB’s trip to Shanghai and WBB opens today.

California v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images


A lot has been discussed about the Cal QB situation. As you’d expect, our Cal beat writers have chimed in. As you’d expect as well, the feelings on the two QB situation are not good.

  • In the weekly novel, Nam is still confident that the Bears will beat USC, but wants Baldwin to be held accountable for his play calling and QB personnel choices.
  • Jeff Faraudo says the Bears need to only play Chase Garbers in passing situations.

I defended the use of both Chase Garbers and Brandon McIlwain a few weeks ago, even when there were serious hiccups. Neither is a finished product and each provides the offense something different, so utilizing both seemed like the way to go.

Now I believe that Garbers needs to be the Bears’ primary quarterback, with McIlwain used occasionally as a change of pace because of his potential as an explosive runner.

  • Christie Aguilar admits being wrong to want McIlwain to be the primary starter earlier this year.
  • What about the WR situation? A lot of injuries have occurred, and the Bears need a solution.
  • Nam’s Five Things to beat USC list includes exploiting USC’s poor run defense, but also winning the WR/DB battle as the Trojans have some of the conference’s fastest receivers.
  • Cal Bears Maven takes a quick look at USC.
  • A donor has granted the Cal Athletics athletes a place to nap near Memorial Stadium, or at least that’s what I gained from my quick glance at the article. Interesting.