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Golden Nuggets: Quotes From Cal Players Following Heartbreaking Loss at WSU

Check out pictures from Cal Men’s Basketball’s trip to Shanghai and be hella jealous.

California v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images


Press Conferences

(On how they played in general) “We played really hard, and competed hard, but didn’t play well enough to win. We had chances and we weren’t able to take advantage of them. We have find a few more plays in the game in order to win. We’re trying to find some explosiveness. It’s hard to go 17-18 plays and find some points. The defense played hard, they compete and they know what they’re doing. They can do some good things at times, be we obviously didn’t play well enough to win.”

(On chance to take lead – ending in interception) “We can’t throw it to the other team.”

(On WSU barely having the ball in the second half) “We’re trying to move the ball on offense and score points. I’d love to say that we’re going to move the ball up and down in three plays, but that’s just not us right now.”

(On running back rotation) “We didn’t run the ball near well enough tonight.”

(Next man up mentality) “Especially with the receiving core and the injuries we have, it’s just ‘next man up.’ We saw Niko really step up today and make some great plays, and that’s awesome to see going forward.”

(On O-line) “I love our o-line. They really fight until the very end. They were moving them up front, it was a very tricky scheme that they had with all of their shifts that they had on their defensive front. Our offensive line took care of it, and it was awesome to see.”

(On a loss to a No. 8 team) “We just take it like any other game. People voted that they’re the number eight team in the country, but we just look at it as just another team in the Pac-12 we have to beat. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but I think we really showed everybody including ourselves that we’re willing to go toe-to-toe with anybody in this country and in this conference. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be a dogfight until the end.”

(On one more play) “We were in a position where we had a chance and an opportunity, if I make a little better decision, we have a chance. We made a lot of great plays this game. We fought, and we competed.”

(Feeling in locker room) “We knew we could have won that game. Today it just didn’t go that way. Out team fights. We compete and we put ourselves in the position to win.”

(On touchdown) “On the touchdown, they tried cutting us, they thought we were going to run the ball. The guy that was supposed to guard me was on the floor, and I was just wide open. It was a perfect time for the play call, and it got us a touchdown. So it was good.”

(On taking advantage of opportunities) “I think it’s just executing when the opportunity arises. We had those chances and didn’t do it, and they did. That’s why they ended up on top. Next time, hopefully, we’re on top. It’s just practicing and doing what we do at practice on Saturdays against a good team. We need to take advantage of those opportunities when they arise.”

(On defense) “They’ve got a Heisman candidate at quarterback, and they didn’t score the amount of points that they usually do. It just shows how good our defense is. They neutralized the pass-game, and they were able to allow only 19 points, which gave us a chance.”

(On feeling in locker room) “It’s just disappointing. It doesn’t matter where the opposing team is ranked, whether their one or unranked, we need to win.”

(On defense in final drive) “We’ve just got to find a way to make a play. We played well, but we didn’t win.”

Quotes from Evan Weaver (no video on Cal’s Youtube page)

“We played a tough game. We fought until the end. We just have to work on finishing the game on all aspects of the game. We know what we have to do. We trust in each other and the process. It was a tough loss but we will bounce back next week with focus and intent to win. This doesn’t define who we are and will not define our season. Next week will be a work week and we will be prepared for USC.”

Post-Game Recaps

  • Cal’s receiving corps took another hit with Noa not being able to play, one of six Cal receivers expected to play in pre-season that are either injured or off the team.
  • Some post-game notes following the loss.

Pre-Game Articles

  • Missed this one on Friday, this article celebrates Evan Weaver’s Pac-12 defensive player of the week award and gives some back story on Weaver’s career.

Weaver learned his craft during his high school career at Gonzaga Prep in Spokane. A three-year varsity starter, Weaver earned Washington State Player of the Year honors from the Tacoma News Tribune while taking Defensive State Player of the Year recognition from numerous other in-state publications.

Dave McKenna, Weaver’s head coach at Gonzaga Prep, saw his talent and leadership potential. Even at a young age, McKenna said Weaver played tough and was like a coach on the field.

”Since grade school, he’s always been vocal, and not only a vocal leader, but he also leads by example,” McKenna said. “A lot of people only see the vocal leadership out of him. But, if you sit and watch film, you’ll see he leads by action as well. He runs to the ball every play with a purpose, takes on blocks physically; he does all those things you want.”

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