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Roundtables: Bowl Hopes and Matchups.

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl - Air Force v California Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

WE’RE BOWL ELIGIBLE. Who would you like to see us play and which bowl?

Rick Chen: I could see us playing a Big 12 team in the Cheez-It Bowl in Phoenix. I pray that we don’t play the Fresno State Bulldogs or the Army Black Knights as many have in their bowl predictions. Give us a team with a larger national profile, please!

boomtho: I’ll answer this in reverse: I would not like to see us matched against Jeff Tedford’s Fresno State team. He’s moved on, we’ve moved on, and that would just bring up some conflicting emotions I’d rather avoid.

Then, selfishly, I’m always up for a trip to Vegas - so would love to see us in the Vegas Bowl.

Piotr T Le: Any bowl that gets eyes on the program, with a good opponent of course. I think Cal needs to return on TV screens not for the fans to watch, but also to re-build its football reputation for future recruits and their families to take note.

Rob Hwang: The story lines write themselves for a Vegas bowl matchup against Tedford, but the hope for me is the Holiday Bowl or San Francisco Bowl against Penn State or Wisconsin. Personally? I would love to play Wisconsin as we get a chance to beat a third team Wilcox has worked for in the same year. How about that?