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Roundtables: Run the table

Can the Bears run it?

NCAA Football: Washington at California D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Bears run the table and challenge for a shot at the PAC-12 North?

thedozen: I just don’t see Cal winning in Pullman if the Cougars are in this sort of form, but then again beating the Huskies really did floor me.

Rick Chen: Washington State is playing amazing this season. They’ll likely win out until the Apple Cup. And it pains me to say this, but USC always has our number, especially at the Coliseum. I’d love us to channel Jared Goff, but I can’t see us pulling off an offset in Los Angeles.

Sam Fielder: Doubtful. Because Cal. And also because of the inconsistency on offense. But it is possible, so let’s start with a win in Pullman and build on that.

Ruey Yen: Probably not. Bears just don’t have that much margin of error with 3 Pac-12 losses already. Even if the Bears find a way to beat Washington State this weekend, they still might lose to a USC or worse Stanford, when they face the pressure of high expectation (AKA the typical disappointment whenever Cal Football is ranked).

boomtho: I really don’t think so - the defense can keep us in most games (maybe WSU excepted?) but the offense doesn’t really appear capable of helping us run the table. It’s a nice thought though!

Rob Hwang: 10-3.