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Game captains and uniforms for Cal vs. Arizona

Ain’t nobody dope as [them, they’re] dressed so fresh, so clean.

USC v California Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Heading into our fifth game of the season, the California Golden Bears have worn our blue jerseys and our gold jerseys, but we have yet to wear our whites. That’s not to say we have never had an away game, having ventured away from the warm coziness of Memorial Stadium once to turn Provo, Utah into Bear Territory. But since the BYU Cougars wanted to see what a true, beautiful blue looks like, they opted to wear white and requested that we grace them with our azure visage.

When we visit the Arizona Wildcats, we will be wearing white for the first time this year. All-white everything to really just make sure we reflect away all of that desert heat.

The nigh-polar bears will be led into battle by sophomore OL Michael Saffell and senior OLB Alex Funches.

Saffell has played in 11 games in his career with six starts at right guard and won last year’s Clint Evans Award, which honors Cal’s “most intense freshman competitor”. Funches has become a pass-rushing terror in his second year at Cal, playing in all 16 games with 12 starts. Funches has six career sacks, three quarterback hurries, and one forced fumble. He’s been known to obliterate fruit snacks with little to no regard and has the second-best hair on the team. (Sorry, but Kanawai Noa wins.)

Congrats to Michael and Alex!