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Roundtables: Bowl Eligibility

One more win.

NCAA Football: Washington at California D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl eligibility is back on the projections. Where can the Bears snag more wins?

thedozen: Certainly Colorado is at the top of the list after their debacle against Oregon State. At a neutral site I would guess that USC is the second most likely victory, but it’s never easy to go into the Coliseum. At least the Bears have a shot at the Axe if their defense keeps clicking, and that game will be played in Berkeley.

Rick Chen: Fortunately, we only need one more win to get to the “magic” six, and we’ll likely beat Colorado. The Buffalos lost to a poor Oregon State last weekend in overtime!

We may sneak in a second win at the Big Game. With a solid defense, Cal finally has an opportunity to credibly challenge Stanford in the Big Game, which is all I can ever ask for as a Cal fan in recent years!

Sam Fielder: Any of the remaining games are winnable. Colorado seems most likely, then Stanfurd, then WSU, and then USC. But all of those games are coin flips right now and it just depends on how Cal plays and what each of those teams are doing as we get there.

Ruey Yen: It would be very interesting to see how Colorado bounce back (if at all) from that terrible loss to Oregon State. There is a chance that that team is just spiral into the bad place (like what we had feared with this Cal team after the UCLA game, going into the OSU game) and just roll over against their opponents for the rest of the season. If they right the ship, I don’t think there are any gimme games in Cal’s remaining schedule. Then again, the Golden Bears at their best, thanks to that defense, are good enough to beat anyone.

boomtho: Well, Cal needs only one win to reach 6 wins - right? I think in order the likelihood of wins is Colorado, Stanford, USC (against anyone else they’d be higher than Stanford, but I firmly believe in some kind of curse here) and then WSU. But Nam (and others) have called out that it’s probably equally plausible

Rob Hwang: One more win, and then we play with house money. If we can somehow beat WSU in Pullman this week, then the amount of pressure relieved going into the USC and Big Game will be a huge plus.