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Vegas opens with California as 11.5-point underdogs to Washington State

Cal’s got some naysayers for when we meet Wazzu.

Oregon v Washington State
Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Riding a two-game win streak and a win over a top-15 team, the California Golden Bears must now take to the road to tackle the new rulers of the conference—the Washington State Cougars.

The Vegas line opens with the Cougs favored by 11.5 points.

For our past two meetings, the home team won by a pretty convincing margin; this year, the home team is sitting pretty with a 7–1 record and in good position to win the Pac-12 North. So the odds seem stacked against us, but if the team didn’t consider themselves underdogs against the Washington Huskies, then I doubt they’ll be doubting themselves as they head into the Palouse on Saturday.