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Pac-12 Coaching Jobs Survey done by TMN Jon Wilner

Small sample size but telling.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Wilner for the Mercury News conducted a small survey of 9 former and current Pac-12 coaches, in order to figure out the ranking of the job profile for the 12 schools. Cal came in at 9th in the conference. Check out the rest of the article in the link and the rest of standings below!

1. USC – 106 (8 first-place votes)

Highest ranking: 1st

Lowest ranking: 3rd

Comment: “The L.A. schools are 1-2 for me because of where they’re located with all those players. And if you’re from out of town, it’s easy to get to for parents, and the flights are cheap.”

2. Washington – 96 (1)

Highest: 1st

Lowest: 3rd

Comment: “Oregon and Washington are close, but it’s slightly easier to get kids to go to Washington because of the tradition and being in the city.”

3. Stanford – 83

Highest: 2nd

Lowest: 4th

Comment: “It’s great because it has a niche unto itself. It has a great location and appeal with the brand.”

4. Oregon – 81

Highest: 3rd

Lowest: 5th

Comment: “The facilities, sure. But Eugene is hard to get to.”

5. UCLA – 80

Highest: 2nd

Lowest: 6th

Comment: “The new (football operations building) is amazing. It’s like Oregon-B.”

6. Arizona State – 63

Highest: 5th

Lowest: 7th

Comment: “I can’t tell you the reason they haven’t been consistently better. I’m shocked Dennis (Erickson) didn’t kill it there. But there are a lot of distractions that keep kids from focusing on school and football. USC and UCLA have the same issue.”

7. Colorado – 45

Highest: 5th

Lowest: 10th

Comment: “It’s a romantic destination if you can get the kid with the right profile.”

8. Utah – 43

Highest: 7th

Lowest: 9th

Comment: “It’s not going to have any appeal at all to some kids.”

9. Cal – 39

Highest: 6th

Lowest: 11th

Comment: “The football program gets no help and look at what you’re dealing with from an admissions standpoint.”

10. Arizona – 32

Highest: 8th

Lowest: 11th

Comment: “Not a big city and doesn’t have a big recruiting base around it.”

11. Washington State – 25

Highest: 9th

Lowest: 11th

Comment: “It’s clear who does the best job with what they have and where they are.”

12. Oregon State – 9

Highest: 12th

Lowest: 12th

Comment: “It’s so tough to even have a winning year.”

What are your thoughts on the rankings? Let us know in the comments below!