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Scouting Report: Joel Brown

A solid recruit for the Cal 2019 class.

NCAA Basketball: California at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With comparisons to NBA playmaker Rajon Rondo and Donovan Mitchell, Joel Brown is a playmaking guard with good instinct and skill.

Brown, the class of 2019 point guard at Brewster Academy, decided from six schools -- Cal, Vanderbilt, Seton Hall, Miami, Howard, and Clemson -- citing Coaches Wyking Jones and David Grace for being part of the factor he chose Cal.

Brown is 6’2 and 180 pounds. He is a savvy passer with good footwork and has decent speed. Though he’s left-handed, he can finish with both his left and right extremely well. What makes him valuable as a point guard is that he knows exactly where his teammates are when he’s going to the rim. He has a very tight handle of the ball, and is very crafty around the rim -- he likes to get to the basketball to either score himself or draw help he can drop it to a teammate.

Joel’s coach compares his role on the team to that of what second-year NBA guard Donovan Mitchell had in his days as a player there. Coach Jason Smith states how Donovan was not a big-time scorer there, averaged 13 points per game, but went on to do extremely well in the NBA his first year there this past season. Similarly, for Brown, he is not expected to be a big-time scorer because of how stacked the team is with future division-one talent.

Brown is ranked by ESPN as a 3-star recruit, 41st in the nation amongst point guards. Brown cites his dream to play in the Pac-12 and the academics at Cal for contributors to him committing to be a Golden Bear.