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Golden Nuggets: Are There Two More Wins on Cal’s Schedule?

Can the newcomers help bring back Cal Men’s Basketball from the dead?

NCAA Football: California at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Not a hell of a lot today. I guess with UW being the next opponent, and the win merely being over OSU (and other fall sports not being all that good), there’s still not a lot of motivation for covering our teams anymore...


- Washington is unlikely – while this Huskies team isn’t their best or scariest group compared to recent seasons, the Bears didn’t have enough talent to even crack 3 YPP against them last year, and it’d be unwise to assume they’ll be that much better this one, considering the regression of our personnel. That the game is at home is of only little help, when it figures to be sparsely attended. (There were exactly zero tweets this week in advance of the game on Cal Twitter, which, while not exactly a formal metric, is a good gauge of the fan base’s temperature at the moment.)

  • Who was the hero in the Oregon State game? It doesn’t really matter, they will need everyone to be heroes to get two more wins this year... Like Nam, Josh Yuen has Stanford and USC as the two “likeliest” (relatively speaking) wins.
  • Was there a rift between the offense and defense? And did the players only meeting before the OSU game fix that? Time will tell...


  • Cal Bears Maven looks at whether the incoming freshmen can help revive Cal Men’s Basketball.

Go Bears.