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Roundtables: UCLA Analysis

NCAA Football: UCLA at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

What were your positives from the game against UCLA?

Berkelium97: None.

Seriously, none whatsoever. This was quite possibly the worst Cal football performance I have ever seen.

Okay, fine: the one positive aspect from this game is a reminder that the Cal community can have a delightfully dark sense of humor, and it really shines during these atrocious low points in Cal football history. Few fanbases are as adept at dealing with bleak, soul-crushing losses as ours. Our uncanny ability to make light of the situation certainly helps make losses like this slightly more tolerable.

Joshua.Morgan: I agree with Berkelium97. This was awful. A true embarrassment to the program, the fans, and the school as a whole. However, like Berkelium97 said,us fans are pretty good at being awful.

HydroTech: Positives from the UCLA vs. Cal game: (1) Cal didn’t get shut out; (2) Cal scored a touchdown; (3) Cal players didn’t suffer any major injuries; (4) Cal didn’t lose by 50+ points; (5) the Hayward Fault didn’t crack open mid-game; and (6) the Earth is still revolving around the sun.

Attila LS Gero: The Cal secondary played well against the Bruins wide receivers. They bottled them up only allowing their tight end Caleb Wilson to make an impact.

Rob Hwang: The defense held up as much as they could but, being on the field that much and considering how much we don’t spell certain positions, it was a matter of time before they got gassed. It clearly showed.

What position group needs the most improvement going into next week?

Berkelium97: Quarterback. Turnovers are absolutely killing this offense, and most of them are coming from the QB position. If we’re not going to use McIlwain to run the ball (his first designed run didn’t come until midway through the second quarter?!), we might as well have Garbers in at QB. The offense may not be as productive under Garbers, but it doesn’t repeatedly gift-wrap points for the opposing defense.

Joshua.Morgan: There is not a single position group that doesn’t need improvement. I guess Steven Coutts played well? But yeah, quarterback is the biggest one. We will never win a game with this many turnovers. I don’t care if we can’t move the ball at this point; we need to worry about holding onto the ball first. I think the coaches really need to tell us what’s up with Bowers and also explain why Garbers isn’t out there. Why would they change quarterbacks every two plays to start the year and now they won’t take out a quarterback who absolutely sucks.

Speaking of coaching, I think that is where we need the biggest improvement. I loved Wilcox and the whole staff last year and felt a ton of confidence in them coming into the year. I still do like Wilcox, but I definitely want some answers from both him and the rest of the coaches. Why did they use the 2QB system in the first place? Why is McIlwain playing even though he is obviously struggling? Why has our offensive playcalling been so poor? There are so many questions and basically no answers. I am even having trouble expressing my frustration in words. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

HydroTech: The entire offense needs improvement before the Oregon State game. Run blocking has to get better. Pass protection has to get better. There cannot be ANY turnovers on offense. Cal just doesn’t have the explosive offense to play catch-up football. Cal needs to be in the lead, and defending that lead with its defense, rather than desperately relying on its inconsistent offense to win the game.

Attila LS Gero: The defensive line was man handled and pushed around all game. Id also say Quarterbacks because it doesn’t seem there is any coherence with their starters and game plans.

Rob Hwang: QB. This struggle begins and ends with QB.