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Roundtables: Basketball Grading Rubric.

Its midterm season.

NCAA Basketball: California at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

If you were to create a rubric for the basketball team this season what criteria would you be looking at to judge the season?

Rob Hwang: It would have to be mostly the schematic and mental aspects of the game. One I would like to see them gain more confidence and slowly narrow the gap in games despite being losses. Making 20 point games into 10 then 5 helps to know that progress is being made. With that, I would love to see the team come out with a toughness and edge to them that they channel their losses into playing competitive all game. If they lack that grit and look to be giving up in games, that doesn’t bode well for the future if tough stretches come their way. At the same time you would like to see a consistency in the schematic approach to the game to put in a foundation and a level of experience so that the young players like Darius McNeill, Juhwan Harris-Dyson, and Justice Sueing know what the coaches expect of them next year. That will also help speed up the development of recruits like Matt Bradley and Jacobi Gordon, since the players around them will be helping them learn the system and nuances of the scheme.

boomtho: If I had 100 points to assign to this exercise:

-40 points for individual plaer skill development, mostly for the freshmen, but also for folks like Lee to see how the staff is able to connect with, and develop, all types of players

-25 points for recruiting inroads with major HS and AAU programs

-15 points for continued refinement of Wyking’s scheme, with the hope it crystallizes into a more coherent, consistent system

-10 points for actual wins and losses

-10 points for maintaing energy around the program, both players and fans

thedozen: While subjective, effort and improvement have to be part of the equation. Win or lose, I would like to see cohesive game plans and sharper execution. The team is already 1-4 in conference play, but there was definitely some persistence involved in rallying to beat Stanford. Also, I think of the San Diego State game whenever I’m having a bad day.