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Golden Nuggets: Is it Baseball Season Yet?

Get to know Deschon Winston

California v Chaminade Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Yeah this was supposed to be out at 3am but yesterday was my birthday and I was out all night. Plus there’s some articles from Sunday that I had to cancel for similar reasons. My apologies to all whose day has been negatively impacted by waking up and finding no new Golden Blogs articles.


  • Get to know freshmen Deschon Winston (pictured in header) from Cal Athletics. And it looks like they still aren’t even done finishing the profiles of the newcomers.

Upon signing with Cal last Spring, Winston was reunited with a familiar face in Juhwan Harris-Dyson, who was his high school teammate as a freshman and sophomore. Halfway through their high school careers, both transferred to different schools and became friendly rivals.

”It was fun because even when we were warming up, I would just look over to the other side, and he would look back, and I would just smile because it was just like playing basketball at the park,” he said.

”It’s interesting because I played my first high school basketball game with him [Juhwan], my first varsity basketball game with him, and I played my first college basketball game with him. We’ve just been on the same

  • Outdated now, but the SF Gate preview of Cal WBB’s weekend series against the Arizona schools still has some good nuggets.

Gottlieb said there was a different look in the players’ eyes during halftime at UCLA. After scoring just 17 points in the first half, the Bears bounced back by outscoring then-No. 13 UCLA 16-8 in the third quarter.

They couldn’t complete the upset, but the rally propelled the Bears into Sunday’s game at USC — a matchup that Gottlieb deemed a “must-win.” Even with Anigwe playing only 20 minutes before fouling out, Cal found a way to win a game that had 16 ties and 14 lead changes.

“It was a tough, gritty win,” Gottlieb said. “We gutted out a win that was huge for us, if we’re to accomplish our goals.”


  • Baseball is back in camp! Find out how the team is doing as they have started practicing (you can even watch them).

Neu’s return to Berkeley after two years as head coach at Pacific stands out as the most obvious change for a Cal squad that begins camp with plenty of familiar faces clad in blue and gold. Having last worked in Berkeley as Cal’s pitching coach from 2012 to 2015, a healthy portion of the roster Neu inherits is comprised of players he had a hand in recruiting.

”Fortunately, I did know a lot of these guys and that made this a lot easier coming in,” Neu said. “We’re transitioning from developing in the fall and getting guys to work on improving their game to getting prepared to put ourselves in positions to win games. Getting our pitchers ready for that, understanding what we’re doing offensively and defensively, what our plays are and our signs are and locking that in and then narrowing our focus into playing games is exciting. I think we’re doing a good job of it. The guys are really responding well and we have some really good players with experience, which helps a lot.”

  • Baseball America named two-way player Tanner Dodson to their Pre-season All-America list!


  • We already told you about Justin Forsett and company being on Shark Tank. Here’s some more info from our friends at Golden Bear Report. (Posted before the episode aired)
  • Cal Athletics interviewed Forsett about the experience (spoiler: they were unsuccessful).

How does the work and dedication it takes to be successful student-athletes at Cal compare to the experience of striving for success in the business world?

”There are very strong comparisons. At Cal we had to not only excel on the football field but in the classroom. It was challenging and a highly-competitive atmosphere. You had to be at your best and your preparation had to be at its best at all times. The business world is no different. It takes hard work and dedication and being able to balance your schedule. You have to have to have great time management skills but also be able to maximize your opportunities when you get them. You have to invest your time wisely, take care of the primary things in the business and not get distracted.”


  • The men’s swimming and diving team were honored by the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association for having a 3+ cumulative GPA (3.11 to be exact)

Go Bears