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Roundtables: New LB Coach Peter Sirmon

NCAA Football: Boston College at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Sirmon was hired as the AHC/ILB Coach. What are your expectations for Sirmon?

Rob Hwang: Great move. I was already impressed with the staff that Coach Wilcox had in the building but this move gets me impressed even more. Sirmon was the DC at Louisville, had a solid contract, but decided to leave and join Wilcox on the West Coast. He is a proven recruiter and a proven LB coach, which is exactly what we wanted from our hire to fill the last spot on the Defensive Coaching Staff.

Andy Johnston: It’s funny but I think I am most excited about this hire because it frees up Tim DeRuyter to solely focus on the famous Von Miller position (outside linebacker/defensive end flex). Sirmon has an extremely long and successful track record as both a recruiter and positional coach, it would be amazing to see him grab a few players before national signing day. I expect him to give us a huge advantage in the 2019 recruiting class.

boomtho: After reading his bio, I am pretty damn excited to see how he’s able to impact our recruiting. Nam and Trace at Rivals have mentioned his tremendous success in getting high end talent, which will be very welcome on the staff.

thedozen: Certainly I expect Sirmon to mesh well with Wilcox given their trio of past coaching stints together. Hopefully Sirmon solidifies Cal’s ability to recruit and perform on defense. His son Jackson is joining Washington as a linebacker, so that’s an interesting twist.