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Cal MBB Preview: Jason Kidd Bobblehead vs. Bobby and the Sun Devils

Pettiness at its finest.

NCAA Basketball: Arizona at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Back to back ranked teams from Arizona, and the back end is against the Sun Devils. The 16th ranked Sun Devils are currently in a slump with only 2 wins over their last 6 games. This will easily be the best offense the Bears have faced all season and should be a very tough test for the zone against a 55.5% effective FG% team. This might not be a fun game.

Key Players:

G Shannon Evans: 6-1/172/17.1PPG/3.7RPG/4.3APG/1.3SPG/.377-3PT%/.391-FG%

G Tra Holder: 6-1/180/19.3PPG/4.8RPG/3.8APG/1.6SPG/.410-3PT%/.418-FG%

C Romello White: 6-8/235/12.5PPG/7.8RPG/.646-FG%

F Kodi Justice: 6-5/190/14.1PPG/2.9RPG/1.8APG/1.4SPG/.398-3PT%/.470-FG%

G Remy Martin: 6-0/170/10.0PPG/2.8RPG/2.7APG/1.2SPG/.387-3PT%/.496-FG%

F De’Quon Lake: 6-10/225/7.8PPG/5.7RPG/1.4BPG/.712-FG%

F Mickey Mitchell: 6-7/225/6.5PPG/6.3RPG/1.9APG/.400-3PT%/.535-FG%

Let me be the first to say. Oh boy. This is going to be rough game. The Bears will need to be aggressive on defense especially on the perimeter. The bigger need will be for the Sn Devils to shoot far below their season averages. ASU has the 5th best adjusted efficiency in the country. In other words, they score 120.4 points for every 100 possessions. Along with an effective FG% of 55.5%, a 3PT% rate of 38.4% and inside the arc at a clip of 54.2%, the Bears are going to have “zone” to defeat the Sun Devils. The biggest test will be how the guards are able to contain pnentration while closing out on ASU’s hot shooting guards. Another key issue is Arizona State’s ball-handling and turnover rate. They only turn the ball over on 15.4% of their offensive possessions and only get the ball stolen on 6.8% of their possessions. Their strength is the weakness of that we wish to exploit this game and it doesn’t seem like that will be happening. Defensively, the Sun Devils are mediocre at best. If we execute like we did against Arizona, but just knock down some more open looks we should have a fairly competitive game.

So let’s do it. Another ranked opponent. Jason Kidd Bobblehead night at Haas. Once the game starts all this analysis is out the door. Let’s PLAY.

California Love. California Rising.