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CGB Fantasy Football Year in Review

How well did you pick winners and losers this college football season?

Based on a handful of these scores, some of you used the ol’ have-a-cat-make-my-picks strategy.
Eva Claire Hambach/AFP/Getty Images

Another football season has come and gone. Before we start looking back on more substantive aspects of the Cal football season—expectations vs. reality, reviews of position groups, more film breakdowns—let’s look back on some trivial aspects of the season. And what’s more trivial than fantasy sports?

We ran two pick ‘em leagues this season, one for the regular season and one for the postseason.

Regular Season

Congrats to Clean Cut Media, who eked out a 1-point win over Come on you spurs and Aussie picks!

(Yes, I know the following image is wildly oversized. Blame our overlords at SBN for preventing me from using html to resize it.)

Regular season pick ‘em league results

A special shout out goes to another bear creation, Sad Oski, and Bower’s Lair who improbably managed to pick the loser in every single game...that, or they forgot to participate.

Bowl Season

For better or for worse, we switch to a confidence-based system for out postseason pick ‘em league. After picking winners and losers, we then rank the games such that we get more points for our most confident picks and fewer points for our less confident picks. the beer correctly picked 30 out of 41 winners en route to 613 points, which is at the 99.3 percentile of all entrants in ESPN’s pool of leagues. TheMalikShallInheritTheEarth (my team!) finished second with 27 correct picks and 604 points and Johnny Tavake Lives rounds out the podium with 24 correct picks and 581 points. bandaim 1 earns a shout out for finishing 5th despite not re-ordering ESPN’s default chronological ranking of games.

Bowl pick ‘em league results

In about six more weeks basketball season will mercifully be over and we’ll run our NCAA Tournament bracket league. At least we won’t have to worry about homerism affecting our picks this year!