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Cal Film Room: Jordan Duncan’s TD Reception

Quads Passing Game FTW

In the video below (originally from my new PAC-12 blog I look at Jordan Duncan’s TD against the North Carolina Tarheels, the score that gave our California Golden Bears a 35-24 lead and the win. This play utilized a formation that Baldwin runs more than most other play callers: a Quads Empty set, with four WR’s on the same side of the formation.

I show how placing four WR’s to a side puts a tremendous amount of horizontal pressure on the defense’s coverage and forces them to make tough decisions about where to strengthen their coverage and where to leave it thin. I then show how UNC addressed this difficulty, and how their choices isolated Duncan 1-on-1 against a DB who was unable to stop him. This is just one of many ways that Baldwin uses unique formations to set up our passing game for success.

Hit me up with any questions in the comment section, and Go Bears!