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Cal fans, how do you feel about the Oregon Ducks?

What are your thoughts about a Duck?

NCAA Football: Oregon at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

What are your feelings about the Oregon Ducks? What do you like? What do you dislike?

Nik Jam: Oregon is not a rival but there's always been something special about playing them, especially in Eugene. A win there, even if Oregon isn't what they were at the beginning of the decade, would be very awesome.

I sure appreciate that their band isn't obnoxiously annoying (I actually find their fight song to be pleasant) and their mascot is not a dumb tree. I actually like that they have unique uniforms every game!

I guess some of their fans, especially in recent years, can display the same kind of pretentiousness I saw from the USC fans last Saturday that invaded QQ. Even at Haas Pavilion last year some were obnoxious.

Piotr Le: Ducks are aite. No strong feelings about them besides the fact that Ducks are tasty.

ragnarok: I don't always think the flashy uniforms end up looking good, per se, but I respect the effort. For years, they've been a fun team to watch, and I love the willingness to go for 2 after the first touchdown. It's true, Phil Knight's largesse makes me jealous, and somewhat annoyed, but I an't mad at the Ducks for taking his money and running with it.

Berkelium97: The Ducks had long been my favorite non-Cal Pac-12 team, and I'm sure I'm not alone (although Mike Leach and the Cougs have since become my second-favorite Pac-12 team). During the peak Tedford years we had some great games against them and their fans were usually amicable towards Cal fans. I was especially fond of those lovable scamps at CGB North. The fanbase suffered a bit as the team became more successful during the Kelly years, as the usual obnoxious bandwagoners joined the fanbase. However, the team became even more fun to watch and provided an effective foil to a distastefully successful Lobsterback team, so it all evened out. After the last couple unsuccessful seasons the bandwagoners have dissipated, so the fanbase has improved. I feel extra camaraderie with them now that Wilcox, Greatwood, and Azzinaro have joined the Cal staff. Furthermore, we're both in similar positions as we have new head coaches that we hope can vanquish our obnoxiously successful rivals and bring us back to the top of the Pac.

Plus, it's always easier to like the Ducks when we've conquered them and colonized them as CGB North.