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Cal punter Dylan Klumph plays Adele with the band, Oski drinks through his eyehole

Just another regular Cal vs. USC video highlight reel

Dylan Klumph plays with Cal Band

Although there aren’t a ton of highlights from another California Golden Bears loss to the USC Trojans, there were a few.

For one, here’s punter Dylan Klumph taking a few minutes from his halftime warmups to join the Cal band halftime performance, all while using his football as an instrument for Adele’s ‘Hello’. Below is the halftime video of the Cal band performance (Klumph shows up near the end after a few punts).

We have Klumph’s performance from all angles.

Our beloved Cal mascot Oski doesn’t get a ton of TV time, but for once he was spotted on television with his famous eyehole straw, and he did what he’s most famous for in Berkeley—booze and lounge.

For those who want a closer look, here’s Oski’s actions in slow motion.

Some highlights: Vic Enwere scores Cal’s only meaningful touchdown of the game.

Here’s the Cal defense forcing a USC fumble, recovered by Luc Bequette.

Here’s Josh Drayden intercepting a Sam Darnold pass.