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The Pod Is On The Field - [2017.10 | USC Preview]


NCAA Football: Mississippi at California Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so, allow me to say a few things in defense of the pod’s audio quality thus far:

  • We originally had a program that stopped working and have been looking around for a good solution every since.
  • We do not own professional recording equipment.
  • We live 400 miles away from each other.
  • We don’t particularly concern ourselves with quality because if no one was listening we would still talk about the team in this depth. We want the feel of two guys on their couches.

That being said, this week we decided to skip all that and go right to recording live, and Rob will rip the audio from here instead, so if you’re subscribed to us on iTunes, it’ll go up later this week.

We talked for an hour about USC and took reader questions. Enjoy.

Some topics:

-USC offense vs Cal defense

-Cal offense vs USC defense
-Is DeRuyter or Wilcox more responsible for the success on D?

-Derrick Clark?

-Hype Nam appearance