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Cal vs. North Carolina, 4th quarter: Offense is great, then bad, then good! 21-24.

The offense is a roller-coaster ride.

NCAA Football: California at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears and UNC came out a little dazed on offense. Two quick 3&Outs for Cal led to quick 3&Outs for UNC as well. Both teams were locked in defensively and the third quarter hummed along with just defensive stops, offensive miscues and a lot of punts.

Did I mention a missed 45 yard field goal by UNC?

But Ross will not die as he rolls out of a collapsed pocket down the sideline and throws to Patrick Laird who goes for some sideline magic for the TD.

On the ensuing possession, Derron Brown’s INT was for naught, because Ross Bowers threw what would have been a Pick-6 if not for Demetris Robertson running down the linebacker. That led to a UNC TD for the lead.