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Ole Miss Film Study: Beating the Red Zone Blitz

Laird and Wharton vs. Ole Miss’ Cover-0

Patrick Laird celebrates a TD with his team.

In this film study, I look at two plays where Cal was able to beat the red zone pressure of Ole Miss. I show how the Rebels’ aggression created unsound defensive schemes, and how Baldwin was able to identify those weaknesses in order to create touchdowns first by running Laird on the option, and later by throwing deep to Wharton against the Rebels’ pressure package.

This aspect of our offense will be increasingly important this week as the Bears take on Clancy Pendergast’s USC defense. Like Ole Miss, Pendergast is going to try to disguise looks and bring pressure, giving Baldwin the task of matching wits with an NFL DC in one of the Bears’ toughest games of the season.