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Cal Twitter reactions to the Ole Miss victory!

Scott Fujita is all-in, while Vic Wharton deals with SEC trolls.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at California Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Cal coaches

The California Golden Bears coaches got pumped, starting with of course Gerald Alexander.

Ramsen Golpashin made it clear there was some Pac-12 bragging rights.

Marques Tuiasosopo went more sage.

Charlie Ragle is more than ready to move onto next week.

Cal players

Darius Allensworth stepped up with a huge performance.

For Vic Enwere, beating the SEC is all in a day’s work.

Malik McMorris isn’t just a big teddy bear anymore. He’s a tough man.

Vic Wharton had a troll. He dealt with it.

Jordan Veasy noticed Cal didn’t get into the top 25.

Tre Watson might be done for the year, but he’s in it to win it.

Addison Ooms conducted the band afterward.

Quentin Tartabull laid a few hits.

Ray Hudson was watching, but he was pumped all the way.

Cal alum

Scott Fujita is thrilled at the direction the Golden Bears are going.

Davis Webb and Shane Vereen had bragging rights with Eli Manning and their Ole Miss counterparts on the Giants.

Justin Forsett was promoting his Cal Bears as always.

Bryce Treggs was impressed by the Cal defense.

Stephen Anderson got to sit back and enjoy after winning earlier this week.

Anderson and Treggs combined to trash talk their old coach Jacob Peeler a little.

Darius Powe gave the salute.

Kevin Riley was riding high.

Avery Sebastian cheered the Bears on.

Stefan McClure liked what he saw.

Worrell Williams is enjoying the defense.

Ryan Riddle gave high marks to Cal coaching.

Cal media

Roxy Bernstein is in on the new coaching staff.

Kate Scott is thrilled.

As did Mike Silver.

Amy Trask enjoyed what she saw.