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Cal vs. Ole Miss highlights: Bears defense shines, Rebel fan vapes

It was the Cal defense making the big plays down the stretch.

Ole Miss fan vapes

There are some great California Golden Bears highlights in the recap tape above after beating the Ole Miss Rebels. You have Ross Bowers option pitching to Patrick Laird for a big touchdown. You have Bowers putting a dime into the arms of Vic Wharton to bring Cal back into it in the 3rd quarter.

There were also some other fun plays, like Vic Enwere rumbling.

And Malik McMorris proved to be impressive as a blocking fullback.

But this game belonged to the defense. So let’s highlight some of the clutch defensive plays for the Bears.

Here’s Devante Downs with an early spectacular interception.

Cameron Goode had the play of the game with a pick-six on Shea Patterson!

Here’s Camryn Bynum with not just one pass breakup.

Then he had another one two plays later!

Then Downs finished off another career game by putting Patterson on the ground.

The Cal team celebrated with the band and the fans after, with Addison Ooms leading the charge!

Finally, I couldn’t let this one go. After the Goode pick-six, an Ole Miss fan lost all hope and went straight for the vape.