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Predict the 2017 Cal Football Season: Preseason Edition

It’s time for round two of our biannual season predictions.

The opening game of the Justin Wilcox era is nearly (and finally) here. Over the past several seasons we have seen some of the most explosive offenses and most abysmal defenses in school history. The team clearly has some rebuilding to do, but Wilcox and friends have some quality talent to make the turnaround a bit easier. Will we see an immediate turnaround or will it be a few seasons before Wilcox brings us Rose Bowls and national championships? To answer that question, let’s look ahead to the upcoming season and predict the Bears’ chances of success in each game.

We’ve been doing this series of posts for nearly a decade, but I’ll provide some quick instructions in case this is your first time. The format is pretty simple: for each game this season we want you to tell us how likely the Bears are defeat their opponent. Keep the predictions between 0.00 and 1.00. If you think the Bears have a 50% chance of defeating that opponent, put “0.50” in the form. Or if you think they have a 99.9% chance of winning, enter “0.999.” Please keep your submissions between 0.00 and 1.00, or else we’ll reach integer overflow and crash the SBN servers. Then Tyler Bleszinski will write us an angry email and it will be a moderately embarrassing affair for all involved. Please spare us that modicum of shame by following the instructions.

I have embedded the form below. If you’re having trouble accessing it, here’s a direct link to the form.

We will collect submissions over the next couple weeks and post the results during North Carolina week. Thanks for participating and Go Bears!