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What Cal recruit do you wish had committed to the Bears?

Who do you wish had joined the Cal Family?

Washington v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Say you could land one recruit in Cal history we didn't land. Who would it be and why?

mpeters10: Shaq Thompson, if only because I'm hopeful he would've kept that class together to keep the team from bottoming out as badly as it did.

TwistNHook: Tosh in 2010. Wish we had recruited him to stay at Cal because that changes everything!

Nik Jam: Sure, our defense had so many injuries and may have been beyond needing one player to fix it... but I wonder if Shaq Thompson could have made a difference for those 2012–2013 teams. The 2012 season had a few games where the defense just needed one stop (against ASU and Nevada in particular) and couldn't make a play.

Avinash: This is an easy one. Dirk Nowitzki was suspected to be considering Cal before deciding to turn pro instead. Having one of the 30 greatest players and one of the top five shooters in NBA history come to Cal would have been a recruiting boon for the program the way Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch put Cal on the map for so many of our great football players. Plus, as the editor of CGB, I could tweet and write about every hilarious thing Dirk does every season.