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Cal fall practice interviews: Justin Wilcox, Ray Hudson, Derron Brown chat after Monday

Some quick interview tidbits

Cal football fall practice
Cal Football

With a closed Monday practices, there isn’t much news out, so let’s just dive into the fall post-practice interview quotes.

California Golden Bears head coach Justin Wilcox

“Obviously with the new legislation, kinda the way we’ve spaced camp out, our players had yesterday off, just a chance for them to rest and recover and get back at it this morning with meetings and walkthroughs and obviously today’s practice...We got some really good work in today, tomorrow and Wednesday we’ll amp it up and be physical in practices, then bring them back down Thursday and get ready for the weekend and compete again Saturday.”

Does Wilcox like focusing more on the defensive side of the football?

“...I’m kinda looking more structurally at some of those things... Tim DeRuyter and Azz [Jerry Azzinaro] and GA [Gerald Alexander] and Tony Tuioti, those guys are big-time coaches...I’m more involved on that side just naturally.

It’s fun to be over with the offense and kinda talk to them. Beau [Baldwin] is a heck of an offensive coordinator, and obviously with Tui [Marques Tuiasosopo] and [Steve] Greatwood, Nick Edwards, and Charlie [Ragle] and all those guys. Ton of football knowledge there and it’s good to offer up some things that I know gives the defenses issues...It’s fun to be able to go back and forth. I root for both sides.”

Impressions from Saturday’s full practice.

“They’ve done a really good job in the walkthroughs and knowing what to do. We’re still not where we need to be but we’ve done a good job with that I think in terms of picking up the schematics and the language and the calls and all that. Now it’s execution and that’s a physical part of it.”

Full transcript courtesy of Trace at Cal Rivals.

Cal tight end Ray Hudson

  • Hudson loves the Under Armour gear. Getting wider shoes for his feet seem to fit Hudson, who had to deal with more slender Nike shoes.
  • Hudson on being a tight end: "I like being able to line up & not just run around on a guy, but get to punch him in the face. It’s fun to get gritty in there...learn all those different’s an art, craft of hand placement, head placement...routes you can dictate your stems, releases."
  • Hudson has bulked up as a tight end: “I’m up to 250 right now. I played at 220 last year [when Hudson was at inside receiver].
  • Hudson on Cameron Saffle: “He’s hard to get around. You see this big body, you try to get around him. He’s gotten a lot more explosive. He’s stronger. He can grab and snatch you and throw you down.”

Cal safety Derron Brown

  • Transitioning from safety to linebacker back to safety: “I have some packages where I play in the box now. I can play faster. Definitely helps my game.”
  • On Cal secondary coach Gerald Alexander: “It’s the energy I’ve never seen before. Energy is never down. We tune into whatever he has to say so we can apply it to the field.”
  • On Alexander’s tweets: ”Best tweets. Best retweets. You can go to his page and scroll down and find yourself laughing.”
  • On Under Armour: “Our cleats fit a lot better than the Nike cleats.”