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What are the greatest Cal football games against Washington State?

Cal’s most bizarre win.

California v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Most exciting game

Avinash: 2014. 60–59. What a preposterous score. What a preposterous game. And in 99% of the universes out there, Cal loses this one. 56 points were scored in one quarter. Connor Halliday threw for 716 yards. Washington State gave up consecutive kick returns for touchdowns. A 19-yard game-winning missed field goal! How does any of this happen...much less in the same game???

Piotr: 2014 as well. It got real quick. Jared Goff and Connor Halliday absolutely destroying defenses; add in Trevor Davis making the WSU ST looking like fools twice. Fun game that ended in the absurd way: a missed chipshot FG.

Ohio Bear: 2014 is the easy answer here and probably inarguable. But I’ll go outside the box and say 2005: #25 Cal 42, Washington State 38. After starting the season 5–0, the Bears came into that Saturday night tilt in Berkeley on a two-game losing streak after upset losses at UCLA and at home to Oregon State. Things didn’t look so good in this one, though, when Washington State led 38–28 late in the 4th quarter. But Joe Ayoob—yes, Joe Ayoob—led the Bears on furious 4th-quarter rally. A long touchdown pass to LaReylle Cunningham brought the Bears to within 3. Then after Cal got the ball back, Ayoob led the Bears on a game-winning drive, capped by a 9-yard TD pass to Lavelle Hawkins with 1:50 left in the game.

Best Cal performance

Nik Jam: 2008. Cal 66, WSU 3: The Michigan State win was huge, obviously, but I think this was the game where Cal really showed that the 2007 collapse was behind them. The coming-out party for Jahvid Best and Shane Vereen was an amazing game to watch and I really thought Cal could do big things after that. Of course, Cal didn’t win a road game the rest of the year, but it was still a springboard to a solid 9-win season.

Best Cal upset

Avinash: I cannot remember the last time Cal was a big underdog to Washington State.