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Natalie Coughlin speaks to Cal football

The most Golden Bear of them all.

Cal Football

Not much of note happened on Day 4 of California Golden Bears fall practice that we can report. Practice was closed (as Friday’s practice will be) before a Saturday open practice that should hopefully lead to more fruitful observations.

In the meantime, Natalie Coughlin visited the team!

This is another good example of head coach Justin Wilcox reaching into the local pool and showing his respect for Northern California roots. Coughlin is a Bay Area native and is a local legend, and in the pantheon of most accomplished Golden Bear athletes of our generation (12 Olympic medals makes her one of the three most decorated female swimmers of her era). Getting Coughlin to come speak to the Bears about what it takes to be great is a good way to get this young and uncertain Cal team some extra early fall camp fire.

Now we’re just counting down the days until Marshawn Lynch makes an inevitable cameo.