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The #1 Long Snapper, Slater Zellers, Commits to Cal

Key addition to the ST unit commits.

California v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The highest ranked LS of the upcoming class committed to Cal. Though many may not appreciate this commitment, this is a key position in the ST unit. Often times we do not know the name of the long snapper but their work ensures proper punts and kicks are done.

May Zellers continue the tradition of Cal LS such as L. P. Ladouceur.


Some comments from Kohl’s Professional Football Camps:

Zellers continues to display why he is the best snapper in the country. He snaps a faster and tighter ball than anyone I have ever seen in high school. He has continued to develop and separate himself from every 2018 snapper he has competed against. During the Texas Showcase, Zellers put 10 long snaps in a row through the target. Not only did he make 10 snaps in a row, he averaged a snap time of .65 seconds. Zellers even registered the fastest long snap I have ever seen at the high school level by clocking in at .63 seconds. He is an elite snapper that will make in immediate impact at the next level.


Cal legend Nick Sundberg approves of the move by Zeller