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Four-star PF Jaedon Ledee puts Cal in top eight, will visit Berkeley

Good signs!

Jaedon Ledee

The California Golden Bears have already recruited some solid wing talent for the 2018 recruiting class. How about a big man to join them?

Jordan Brown is obviously target number one, but there are others Cal would very much like to land as well.

One potential target has Cal in his top eight. Four star power forward Jaedon Ledee has the Bears in his top eight, and he’s expected to visit Berkeley soon.

  • Texas A&M Aggies: They’re the closest to home for Ledee. Have to be considered one of the favorites.
  • Ohio State Buckeyes: Gotta feel like Ohio State has work to do to win this one.
  • LSU Tigers: LSU tends to find themselves in the middle of these fights for Texas talent.
  • UCLA Bruins: Never can count out UCLA in any of these recruiting battles.
  • Houston Cougars: Ledee picking Houston would be odd.
  • California Golden Bears: Cal is recruiting Texas hard for additional hoops talent.
  • Iowa State Cyclones: This one’s in left field.
  • Oklahoma Sooners: It would be a great coup to land a prized Texas prospect.

Here are the programs getting visits early on.

Check out Ledee’s tape. What are your thoughts Cal fans?