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Golden Nuggets: Cal has starting position battles besides quarterback

Good battles on the eve of the season

Starting battles
Cal Football

It’s not just Ross Bowers and Chase Forrest who are battling for starting positions for the California Golden Bears. There is still plenty of positional jostling.

The offensive line: Some players we know. Addison Ooms will start at center. Patrick Mekari is the left tackle. Jake Curhan is favored to be the right tackle. But the guard battle is far from secure. Valentino Daltoso and Tanner Prenovost have been plenty impressive. Expect Semisi Uluae and Kamryn Bennett, but don’t bet on it.

The defensive line: Luc Bequette, Tony Mekari and James Looney appear to be the clear starting three, with Bequette the likeliest to battle challenges. But it’s not even quite clear what position they’re playing, as the 3-4 appears to be an interchangeable group of athletic defensive ends with no true nose guard anchor. There will be rotation at this position, so don’t imagine this will be a stable place.

The second cornerback besides Darius Allensworth, and the third, and the fourth: Feels like Marloshawn Franklin will hang on here, but there is tons of push at a very talented position. Traveon Beck, Camryn Bynum, Josh Drayden, Elijah HIcks have all flashed talent this offseason.

The runners-up in this battle still have plenty of opportunities to succeed too. Their positioning will be more likely to be in the nickel and dime spots in pass defensive packages.

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