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Cal football begins North Carolina prep in earnest

The offseason ends. College football is a week away.

Stanford v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears wrapped up fall practice. They’re ready to move forward to North Carolina preparation starting last night.

Here’s Justin Wilcox briefly touching on fall practice, mental reps as Cal students start the first day of school, and more.

Wilcox struck a hopeful note, but made it clear that the Bears still have a bit of a learning curve ahead of them. This is far from a finished team. They will have work ahead of them to be the best in the land.

Wilcox plays his cards close to the vest, so not a ton of information. What he did do was point out the progress of his inside linebackers. There is tons of confidence in Raymond Davison and Devante Downs, even after a year where the entire linebacking corps struggled to defend the run.

Here’s defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter talking about what he expects to see from North Carolina. The Tar Heels also have not named a starting quarterback, so the mystery is still in place with only single digits remaining until the regular season starts.

On North Carolina as a whole: “They've got some athletic guys at quarterback, they can use the quarterback as a runner. They're going to make us defend the entire field, horizontally and vertically, so I don't think who the quarterback is will radically change things."

On overall defensive improvement: “ We are getting better at our two major goals, taking the ball away and making big plays. But we’ve got a week and a half and we still need to improve.”

Here are some of the last glimpses of Cal football in action in fall camp.

Practice is almost at an end. Football (real football) is coming this weekend. Cal football is shortly to follow.