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Cal ranked as 82nd happiest fanbase in college football by ESPN

Gooooo Bears?

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears were part of another one of ESPN’s fun little lists, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much this fits us!

Who’s the happiest fanbase in college football?

Cal did not fare well. They ranked 82nd. That’s almost in the bottom third in FBS.

In many of these categories, Cal finishes near the bottom.

  • Revenue growth: 7 out of 100, and that’s a little high. Cal is in mounds of debt.
  • Recruiting trend: 9 out of 100. This is probably too low. Cal isn’t recruiting great, but it isn’t horrible either. The Bears landed Demetris Robertson only two classes ago!
  • Rivalry dominance: 6 out of 100. I wish Cal could count UCLA as a big rival…
  • Twitter buzz: 28 out of 100. WE DID IT CAL TWITTER. THIS YEAR’S THE YEAR.
  • Program power: 47 out of 100. There is still a notion that Cal is a sleeping giant. I like this notion.
  • Coaching stability: 73 out of 100. This is because Cal has a coach they just hired who probably isn’t going anywhere. I’ll take it!

The good news is Cal is not the unhappiest team in the Pac-12. Those honors belong to Oregon State (84th) and Arizona (116th!!!). The bad news is those teams have their own dominant squads (baseball and basketball respectively) that compete regularly for national titles, so they have some major sport to hang their hats on for outstanding performance.

How happy are you with Cal football right now?