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Cal fall practice: Beau Baldwin talks Chase Garbers, Brandon McIlwain

So many quarterbacks.

Cal Football

California Golden Bears offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin didn’t talk much about the quarterback battle that hasn’t been resolved, but he did touch on the two quarterbacks who are likely on the periphery. With Chase Forrest and Ross Bowers duking it out for the starting role, Baldwin field questions on incoming freshman Chase Garbers and the intriguing South Carolina transfer Brandon McIlwain. Some quotes below.

On performance of the quarterbacks: “Certain plays were extreme in one way, and you got to really learn from, you got to understand how damaging that can be. But on the flip side, we responded with some big plays and some big moments and some big finishes to drives, so we’re coming along at that position, and I’m excited to see them continue to compete.”

On Chase Garbers: “You know one of my first home visits was (him), such a great mature person. So you felt like he’s someone that can handle situations where they’re put in that spot early. You also know that he’s still a freshman, so…[it] could still take some time, but I think he has, in some areas, exceeded what I thought he might do, especially the fact that he wasn’t here in the spring.”

On Brandon McIlwain: “You could tell he was just respected by his teammates. You could just see it. I went through, I told him this too, I went through Youtube videos of interviews he did and things like that because I kinda wanted to see how he handled himself and how he talked, what his eye contact was, and that’s what I loved more than anything. We can all see the film, but it mirrored up with the person that he is, and he’s doing that at a young age.”

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