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Scouting 2018 Cal WR Commit Nikko Remigio

The next great WR for Cal?

California v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Nikko Remigio is a 5’10” 160 lb. receiver out of Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA. He is also the next 4-star WR to come to the California Golden Bears. But what does skillset does he bring to Cal, and where can we expect to see him line up?

As far as we can tell from his highlight reel, Remigio primarily plays the slot WR, and that is where I expect to see him line up at Cal. On the very first play of the highlight reel, Remigio shows us so many things that we can look forward to in the future. Great burst off the line, great speed and the ability to catch the ball while running at full speed, and both the quick feet and the vision that allow him to make defenders miss and find the open field. Remigio also displays solid route-running ability, showing the ability to sink his hips and burst out of his cuts. A good example is the play starting at 1:05. Though not all of his routes are quite as crisp, he often does not have to be as he is simply faster than the opposing defenders and is able to used his speed to get past them.

A different aspect of Remigio’s arsenal that we can look forward to is his hands and body control. He demonstrate the ability to catch the ball with a defender draped all over him, timing his jumps perfectly and showing phenomenal body control. That is an ability that will come in handy in instances where Remigio is unable to create separation from a defender. Remigio also holds onto the ball when taking a hit from opposing defenders. Other highlights of note are the plays in which Remigio operates as a blocker. He plays hard and tough and does not shy away from contact. Moreover, based off the dynamic open field ability that we touched on earlier, we should see Remigio lining up to return kicks.

With our current WR depth and talent, Remigio will have a tall task ahead of him if he hopes to see the field soon, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It will give Remigio time to hone his craft under Coach Edwards and work towards becoming the next great receiver in what has become a WR assembly line at Cal.