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Steph Curry hangs out with Cal basketball

East Bay Under Armour.

Cal basketball

Now that Under Armour is a partner of Cal Athletics, could we see the brand’s most famous athlete show up as a proud supporter of the California Golden Bears?

Golden State Warriors two-time MVP and two-time NBA champion Steph Curry paid a visit to Cal men’s basketball yesterday. Can’t hurt that new Cal assistant Theo Robertson was a Warriors staffer during the 2015 and 2016 title runs.

It wasn’t just Cal men’s basketball that got a visit. Check out head coach Lindsay Gottlieb and her child meeting the two-time MVP.

If Under Armour remains a partner of Steph for the near future, you have to think that Cal will always be a potential place to visit. Friendly shoes, friendly gear, friendly tradition of excellence, what isn’t there to love?

Here’s a bit of trivia you can go ahead and make up the answer to for your own benefit: Who’s the last great non-Cal player to hang out with the Bears of his own volition? Go ahead and try and find proof of that visit.