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Cal fall practice interviews: Chase Forrest, Ross Bowers aim to be top QB

Go Bears!

California v Washington Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears held a closed practice in Day 2, so only video interviews took place today. Here are some tidbits that floated out.

  • Player-run practices this summer seemed to put Cal in the right mindset. Leading the way were quarterbacks Chase Forrest and Ross Bowers.
  • Sophomore wide receiver Demetris Robertson is getting some run as a punt returner. GET HYPE.
  • Robertson and Melquise Stovall were the two wide receivers singled out by both Forrest and Bowers for what they bring to the passing game. Forrest also mentioned freshman Jeremiah Hawkins as someone that’s been standing out.
  • An exciting punt battle might happen this fall between Dylan Klumph and transfer punter Steven Coutts. Coutts hasn’t made it to campus quite yet due to various administrative issues.
  • Matt Anderson is definitely the placekicker, but the early plan to have another kicker handle kickoffs.

Offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin

On whether he feels competition brings out the best in him

"With the two new additions, it's been fun, they can throw the ball really well. They can spin it, they can move, and obviously Chase Forrest, iron sharpens iron with me and him, so it's been fun just going all three guys and who can have the best day."

On all the things that it'll take to be the QB starter and what they've been told about what they'll have to do to win the spot

"...Having Tui, been there, done that, he knows what it takes. He's given us all the secrets to everything. It's just the hard part of following through with it, making sure you take care of the little things, and going out and just producing."

Quarterback Chase Forrest

How much responsibility do the QBs have during the player run practices?

"We run the whole thing, Ross and I ran the whole thing. We script it, try to do as much as we can and we get criteria from the coaches, 'you should do it like this,' basically go out and we run everything out... I was really happy with all the guys and the receivers and we progressed, and the O-line did too, we were with them as well."

How does it feel to have the full compliment of receivers out here?

"That's nice, Melquise was back in today, he did some routes on air. So did Brandon Singleton, and obviously D-Rob and the other guys that were hurt, and even the freshmen, they're stepping up and doing well. Jeremiah Hawkins is in there a lot.

Quarterback Ross Bowers

Special teams coach Charlie Ragle