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Online store Fanatics reveals replica gold Under Armour jersey for football

A possible look into an alternate jersey for Cal Football in 2017.

Oregon v California

The California Golden Bears and Under Armour have been strategically releasing jerseys for all of the Cal sports this summer. Second only to hype about Joe Roth throwback jerseys, fans have been wondering if there would be gold Cal jerseys. (Frankly, I think we all assumed that we’d get those jerseys and our wondering was more about what they’d look like.)

Well, may have just revealed what the jersey will look like based on an officially licensed replica jersey they have on sale. Shockingly—it’s a gold jersey with Sather stripes on the shoulders.

However, I think the interesting change here is the use of the script Golden Bears on the center of the chest above the jersey numbers; our blue and white jerseys have a script Cal here. There’s no reason yet to assume this difference is merely an oversight on the part of Fanatics because their blue and white replica jerseys do indeed have the accurate script Cal there.

Hat tip to reader @calbearz24 on Twitter for bringing this to our attention. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to watching the first episode of Defenders and then being way too old to be up this late.