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What’s the one thing in Cal history you would change?

So, so many things.

Stanford Cardinals v California Golden Bears Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

mpeters10: Kevin Riley would have thrown the ball away. We would've kicked a field goal and gone to overtime against Oregon State and then won the game to spend at least one week as the number one ranked team in the nation. My eyes teared up when we lost that game. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

TwistNHook: Remember when Sonny Dykes said he was going to hire the best Defensive Coord in the nation and when Santa Claus dropped off his present that year, it was.......DRUM ROLL PLEASE....Andy Buh.

Nik Jam: Just the result of Texas over Cal for the Rose Bowl in 2004.

Avinash: Any Texas football result from 2004.

Hey, remember when everyone pointed out that Cal squeaked by Southern Miss 26–16 the final week of the season and it was used against the Bears in the final polls? A month prior Texas trailed a 4–7 Kansas team 23–13 with six minutes left in the fourth quarter and needed this 4th and 18 miracle from Vince Young to survive. The week prior to that Texas trailed Oklahoma State 35–7 with a minute left in the first half and then rolled off 49 in a row when the Cowboys forgot how to play football. Two weeks prior to that, Young put up an immaculate 3 for 9, 19-yard, two-interception performance against 5-win Missouri. And of course there's the lovely 12–0 shutout from Oklahoma, which should've ended Texas's Rose Bowl candidacy right there.

I'll go to my grave thinking 2004 Cal was better than 2004 Texas.

thedozen: Jared Goff had an eye-opening performance in his first game as a Golden Bear on August 31, 2013, throwing for 450 yards and 2 touchdowns against Northwestern. Even though Goff also threw three interceptions, Cal stayed in the game and forged a 27–27 tie in the 4th quarter on a Vince D'Amato field goal. The Golden Bears would lose 44–30, but I left Memorial Stadium thinking that the Bears missed upsetting the #22 Wildcats by a couple of plays. It would have been an even better start to Goff's Cal career. Good thing that my brother, who attended Northwestern, bought the drinks.