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Cal Football Fall Camp 2017: Practice Notebook #6

Full pads, but lighter practice!

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve only got one more open practice. Let’s make the most of the ones we got! TO THE NOTEBOOK!

  • The improvement of tackling from tracking, angles, and technique is exponential. The strides have been significant and really evident.
  • The QBs got a lot of reps today. They got some time at an up-tempo drill, redzone situations, third-down work, and WR/DB 1-on-1s. QBs showed off a lot of their skill today. Chase “Shooter McGavin” Garbers was great during the up-tempo drill. Ross Bowers impressed with his command of the offense and making the right reads. Brandon McIlwain really left an impression as a playmaker.
  • Brandon McIlwain made some amazing throws, a few of which were dropped by the receivers. He was also electric in his running ability, whether it was a zone read or a scramble on a broken play. He had a moment where he faked the ENTIRE FRONT 7 on a zone read.
  • Defensively, the play-calling and scheme is becoming more diverse and very intriguing. Guys are more confident in what they are asked to do and the timing of the defensive play. The defensive system allows for our best playmakers to be in positions to succeed in any given situation.
  • This is your daily reminder that Demetris Robertson is a Cal Bear and it is a joy to watch him play WR.
  • This is your other daily reminder that Kanawai Noa may be the worst kept secret in Cal Football fandom. (Or best, depending on how you look at it)
  • RB Zion Echols and WR Taariq Johnson. Look out for these two to find someway to get touches. They have been getting a solid number of reps, and it looks like they will be on the active roster come gameday.
  • Elijah Hicks has continued his meteoric rise from highly touted recruit to early enrollee to second string to potential starter.
  • We’ve talked about Devante Downs every year since his freshman year and as a breakout candidate every season, but this may be the year where the system helps him the most. Downs may benefit the most and be able to use his speed and natural instincts in all defensive packages; at the same time the coaches have really broken down and rebuilt his fundamentals and basics.

Saturday is scheduled to be the last open practice and looks like it’ll be a scrimmage day. What are you looking forward to on Saturday? Will you be joining us in the stands? Let us know in the comments below!

California Love. California Rising.