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Golden Nuggets: No More Edwards Stadium? Yes More Beer?

Still a lot of Cal Football articles to get your mind off of the tough news cycle.

Edwards Stadium
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Greetings from Spain!!! So excited to be here!

Cal Athletics

  • With the budget crisis still shadowing the program, the department has begun exploring the option of selling beer at Memorial Stadium and Haas Pavilion. You can already buy beer on campus during Cal Baseball games and Greek Theater concerts. Other options include replacing Edwards Stadium with more campus housing, which would mean relocating the track and soccer teams (if not cutting them) to the rugby or football stadiums.



  • RIP Montague Upshaw, former Cal track star who passed away at 81 a few weeks back.
  • Odysseas Masmanidis and Nikos Delagrammatikas, two Cal men’s water polo players (Nikos is incoming) helped Greece win the FINA Junior World Championships in Serbia. Other Cal players, including three on Team USA, competed in the tourney, see the recap for more details.
  • From the summer Cal Sports Quarterly: A feature on former Cal Volleyball star Christina Higgins going to Washington... no, not the Huskies, Georgetown in D.C.
  • Also from the summer Cal Sports Quarterly: Softball player Alleah Laxamana (who just graduated) began the season learning that her father had cancer and dedicated the season to him, and her lime green bows soon spread around the college softball (and baseball) world.

Vamos Osos!